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Worship Team

Worship Team

Rob Appleton(Worship Leader / Guitar / Vocals / Drums)

Lisa Appleton (Vocals / Trumpet)

Chris Milow (Vocals / Keyboard)

Lee Marsh (Keyboard)

Neil Morrell (Bass)

Rob Appleton

(Worship Leader / Guitar / Vocals / Drums)

Rob has been Worship Leader at Sutton Village Church since 2000, and was previously a member of Stockton Heath Church, Warrington. Rob is dedicated to ensuring that the worship experience at our church is warm, relaxed, fun and most importantly filled with the Holy Spirit.

Guided by God in everything he does, Rob leads the group and the church in praising our One True God, using music from a variety of contemporary worship leaders, and also by using classic hymns, made musically relevant to a 21st Century congregation.

Lisa Appleton (Lead Vocals / Trumpet)

Lisa and Rob have been married since May 1999 and together they share a passion for music and for using music as a vehicle to praise God. Lisa has been a lifelong member of Sutton Village Church, and a long time member of the Worship Group.

Chris Milow (Keyboards / Vocals)

Chris met Donna (Lisa's sister) in 1998. Church had never played a part in his life before then, but this was the start of a new beginning.

It took a while, but he eventually became a Christian in 2002, and was one of the first people to be Baptised in Sutton Village Church's very own Baptism pool in 2005.

Now a committed member of the Worship Group, he couldn't be more passionate about using music as a way of encouraging others to continue sharing in the experience he's living.

Neil Morrell (Bass)

Takes up far too much room/air at the front. Most recently taken up Fretless.

Lee Marsh (Keyboard)

Lee is a local lad who's been involved in Sutton Village Church all his life. As well as being a great keyboard player he's usually the source of much hilarity on a Sunday morning as the group joker!