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COVID Update 27.2.22COVID Update 27.2.22

Friday Club Nativity 2021Friday Club Nativity 2021

A Better WayA Better Way

We're back!We're back!

SVC BootcampSVC Bootcamp

Friday Club Christmas Party & NativityFriday Club Christmas Party & Nativity

Family Weekend 2019Family Weekend 2019

Family Weekend 2018Family Weekend 2018

Friday Club Graduation 2018Friday Club Graduation 2018

SVC Picnic 2018SVC Picnic 2018

SVC Village Fete 2018SVC Village Fete 2018

Defibrillator for schoolDefibrillator for school

Family weekend 2016Family weekend 2016

SVC Fete 2016SVC Fete 2016

Family weekend 2015Family weekend 2015

SVC picnic 2015SVC picnic 2015

SVC Fete 2015SVC Fete 2015

Sutton Village StrollSutton Village Stroll

Family weekend 2014Family weekend 2014

Blood, Sweat & CompassionBlood, Sweat & Compassion

Family weekend 2013Family weekend 2013

Laughs & TricksLaughs & Tricks

Friday Club graduation 2013Friday Club graduation 2013

Summer Fete 2013Summer Fete 2013

Rock Solid self defence classesRock Solid self defence classes

Spring Harvest 2013Spring Harvest 2013

Photography coursePhotography course

Sutton Village ChristmasSutton Village Christmas

Family weekend 2012Family weekend 2012

Planter Action!Planter Action!

Friday Club graduation 2012Friday Club graduation 2012

Rock Solid outing 2012Rock Solid outing 2012

Walking Day 2012Walking Day 2012

SVC picnic 2012SVC picnic 2012

Litter Pick May 2012Litter Pick May 2012

Youth Prayer Event 2012Youth Prayer Event 2012

Graffiti art at Rock SolidGraffiti art at Rock Solid

Climbing wall 2012Climbing wall 2012

Spring Harvest 2012Spring Harvest 2012

Friday Club party & Nativity 2011Friday Club party & Nativity 2011

Family Weekend 2011Family Weekend 2011

Youth Prayer Event  2011Youth Prayer Event 2011

Friday Club graduation 2011Friday Club graduation 2011

Baptism & Dedication serviceBaptism & Dedication service

Omega Zone Praise DayOmega Zone Praise Day

Church Nativity 2010Church Nativity 2010

Sutton Village Christmas 2010Sutton Village Christmas 2010

Family Weekend 2010Family Weekend 2010

Walking Day 2010Walking Day 2010

Family Weekend 2009Family Weekend 2009

Praise Weekend with Mark and Carrie TedderPraise Weekend with Mark and Carrie Tedder

Gullivers World TripGullivers World Trip

Spring Harvest 2009Spring Harvest 2009