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Omega Zone Praise Day

Omega Zone Praise Day

On Saturday 29 January 2011, Dave Godfrey from the Omega Zone ( visited SVC for the day.

In the afternoon he conducted a training session for Youth Leaders. The session was very interactive, lively and great fun. Dave, a qualified maths teacher, was assisted by Sue and Nigel.

They shared techniques that have stood them in good stead over the last 15 years as they have led the children’s groups at Spring Harvest.

Omega Zone Praise Day

We participated in role playing, songs with dance actions and workshops that gave very useful and practical advice on how to plan, organise and run children’s clubs.

The training concluded at 4pm which gave us time to compose ourselves, have a quick tea and prepare for the evening Kid’s Praise party at 6pm.

Omega Zone Praise Day

We welcomed children and quite a few parents, as well as some members from SVC (aren’t we all big kids at heart?).

Dave got the evening under way by having everybody make paper hats that would be used later in the evening. Then we learnt the dance actions to “The Wedding At Cana” one of many songs that he has written.

Dave, Sue and Nigel kept up the pace and the whole evening was so well prepared, one thing ran seamlessly into another; quizzes, competitions, more songs and a puppet sketch that involved a lot of the audience getting wet!

All of the Youth Leaders at SVC had a wonderful day and it was great to have some of our methods enforced and learn a whole new array of techniques to assist in making our youth work more fun and vibrant.