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Baptism & Dedication service

Baptism & Dedication service

The service at Sutton Village Church on Sunday June 19th was three times as special as normal. We had a dedication and two baptisms.

After our reading and time of worship, our first special event was the dedication of Finley Jonas Milow. Finley is no stranger to the limelight. At just seven weeks old, he was presented to the congregation in the big top at Spring Harvest as his mum Donna received the ‘annual group organiser of the year’ award. Having a new baby presented many extra challenges at Spring Harvest this year for Donna, husband Chris and daughter Olivia.

SVC minister, Jean Cooper, lead the service for Finley’s dedication after which a bible was presented to the family as a reminder of the occasion. After Finley’s dedication we moved onto the baptisms.

Hannah Dale (15) and Megan Chisnall (17) have been attending SVC for most of their lives and are now both very active within the church youth programme. They provide invaluable assistance at our Friday Club by helping out with the 40 to 50 five to eleven year olds who attend.

Again there is a tie in with Spring Harvest. Megan felt the call to be baptised whilst at Skegness this year and having discussed it with Hannah who felt the same they spoke to the church leaders and a date was set. As they emerged from the baptismal water Hannah chose “Our God is greater” and Megan asked for “Dancing generation” to be played.

After the baptisms we held a “bring and share” lunch and were glad to be able to extend the invitation to family and friends who had come along to witness both the dedication and baptism service.

It was a truly wonderful day and everybody was touched by the occasion.