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Youth Prayer Event 2011

Youth Prayer Event  2011

During the Week from Sunday 30th May – Saturday 4th June, Sutton Village Church participated in a week of prayer as part of a year- long initiative “Prayer Fest”, which is focused on praying for Merseyside and more specifically the communities in which we live and interact.

As a way of marking our contribution to the event, the teenagers of Sutton Village Church took over the Church for a whole fourteen hours! The evening started on Friday with everyone sharing a meal together, enjoying a time of fellowship and being in each other’s company.

Later, we moved on to a time of prayer. There were two main activities that we carried out. One of the current themes for our church is unity, and encouraging each other. With this in mind, we made small boxes, attached a Bible verse and enclosed some chocolates inside. The boxes were given out to everyone at church on the Sunday, and people were encouraged to take a couple of boxes and give them to friends and family, as a ‘thoughtful’ gesture.

Youth Prayer Event  2011

Next, we grabbed what seemed like a ton of newspaper and started cutting it up, looking for things that highlighted the good and bad things about St Helens, and anything else we felt was relevant. It was left quite open to give people scope to do whatever they felt, and we produced a large collage, which is now on display in the main church. We all loved doing these activities, and what was supposed to be a half an hour activity, turned out to be almost two hours!!

We followed the prayer time with games; a treasure hunt, a piñata and ‘hide ‘n’ seek’ where we used the whole church! We had a truly fantastic time, and rounded the night off at 1.30 am by watching a DVD; only one person managed to watch it all the way through, the oldest person there!

Everyone said how much they enjoyed it, and it is something we definitely want to do again. It is great being able to praise God in so many different ways – not just through singing and dancing, but also through art and spending time with each other!

Youth Prayer Event  2011

A special thank you must go to Karen and Diane for organising the event, and to Christine and Nick for staying with us overnight; they survived, just about!

Next time you visit Sutton Village Church you can view the completed collage which is now displayed in the church hall. You can also watch a short video clip on YouTube. Click here