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Gullivers World Trip

Gullivers World Trip

On Saturday 11th July 46 very excited children arrived at the church first thing in the morning clutching packed lunches and some pocket money. The day had arrived for the Friday Club annual day out. This year the church hired a double deck coach to take the children and a fantastic bunch of volunteer youth leaders to Gulliver’s World in Warrington.

Everyone was one time and after a quick head count we set off. The weather was overcast and we prayed that the rain would hold off. We arrived at Gulliver’s World and were first in line ready for when the gates opened.

All the kids were put into small groups and assigned leaders to accompany them for the day. Once inside, we arranged a time and place to meet for lunch then we all set off to enjoy ourselves.

Gullivers World Trip

We had a fantastic time on all the rides and attractions. Maybe due to “economic climate” and a dodgy weather forecast, the park was not as busy as we had expected and that meant virtually no queues for most of the rides. As it turned out, we were blessed that not only did it not rain, the sun put in an appearance as well.

We all rendezvoused near the main entrance at midday and tucked into our packed lunches. Then after a short rest, we all headed off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

The Antelope roller coaster, Pirate Ship, Cat & Mouse ride go-carts and dodgems were all much sought after rides. There just wasn’t enough time to go on every

Thing and before we knew it, it was time to meet up again and get the coach back to church.

There were some very tired kids on the coach and quite a few fell asleep. No doubt dreaming of the fantastic day they had just had. Roll on next year.