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Spring Harvest 2013

Spring Harvest 2013

The theme for Spring Harvest was “The Source – encountering Jesus today”. This year SVC took a group of twenty people of all ages who were all keen to engage in the numerous seminars, lectures, prayer & worship and many other activities.

Each day began in the Big Top for the Big Start, all ages gathered to discover the theme for the day with energetic, interactive worship, drama and prayer. Then the children went to their respective groups and the over 11’s went to “Distinctive” whilst the over 15’s attended “iScape”. For the adults there was a choice of bible readings in the Big Top or alternative sessions around the site.

On the first morning we looked at Jesus being the source and the bible reading was taken from 1 John. Each subsequent morning we followed the theme of “BE”, “SAY, and “DO”. The main bible reading sessions were led by Ness Wilson who spoke with great passion and held everybody’s attention.

In the afternoons there were many seminars and lectures to choose from ranging from new worship songs, mentoring young people, creative arts, technical not to mention the attractions of go-karting, the fun fair and the newly refurbished swimming pool with huge water slides.

Spring Harvest 2013

After tea it was back to the Big Top for the evening celebration that featured a guest speaker each night.

On Friday night we heard from Dr. Wess Stafford, President & CEO of Compassion International (seen here on the left with Nick Dale from SVC). He is an advocate for children around the world living in poverty, continuing to challenge people to join Compassion in releasing them from poverty in Jesus’ name. Wess gave an inspiring talk and for the remaining time, the Compassion stand in the main exhibition hall was inundated with inquiries about sponsoring children.

Spring Harvest 2013

Each new sponsor was greeted with a blast on the horn and they were asked to add the new digit to the running total for children lifted out of poverty. This year during Spring Harvest at Skegness in six days 275 new sponsors signed up. On the right you can see SVC Minister Jean Cooper who is now a sponsor of a little girl.

If you would like more information about the work done by Compassion International or if you would like to sponsor a child yourself Click here

The after hours events were diverse and all very entertaining. They ranged from a hip hop beat box trio, The Austin Francis Connection, a resident comedian, Tony Vino and Adrian Plass a well known author and speaker. These together with numerous musical acts including the main worship leader Pete James always sent us to bed happy and able to reflect on the day.

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