Rock Solid self defence classes

Rock Solid self defence classesIn conjunction with Sutton Smile, SVC has been running a series of self defence classes for the teenagers who attend Rock Solid.

The 4 week course is emphasising the importance of keeping safe and the techniques are geared towards fending off an attacker and making it possible to get away to safety.

Rock Solid self defence classesThe course has been run by Sensei Michaylo Fedyk from the the English Shotokan Academy. Michaylo is Chairman of the ESA and represented England in the the European Championships in 1992 where they gained 3rd place in the team event.

If you would like to try your hand, regular courses are run at St.Nicholas Hall, New Street St.Helens.

For more information about the English Shotokan Academy Click here

Rock Solid self defence classes On the right you can see the pads being put to use for honing kick techniques.