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Family weekend 2016

Family weekend 2016

Speaker Jonathan Kent

SVC Church family descended on Thornleigh in Grange over Sands on Friday 4th November in anticipation of meeting together with our amazing God.

Following our evening meal we enjoyed an evening of worship led by our own SVC worship group.

On Saturday and Sunday Jonathan led us through the book of Philippians.

Family weekend 2016

The theme of Chapter 1 was "Joy in the Journey". He explained our identity, security and destiny as a Bond Servant of Christ. Life is a journey and I have stared so I will finish.

The theme of Chapter 2 was "Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude". Jesus is the model servant on whom we should model ourselves, we are a chosen people of God, we did not choose Him but He chose us. But we must be aware that the devil will always try and make us doubt our calling and salvation in Christ. Our God is pleased with us and we are partners in the gospel with Him.

The theme of Chapter 3 was "Work Out Your Salvation". We looked at Salvation and what God has done for us, Sanctification how God is making us more like Jesus, and Service what God has done through us.

The theme of Chapter 4 was "Don't Worry Be Happy". Disagreement is a challenge in our churches today and it is important that we the people of God should be in agreement as there is power when God's people are in unity and agreement.

Family weekend 2016

This proved to be one of the most relaxing weekends we have been too, everyone was very chilled out and everything just flowed. The food and fellowship was excellent and our speaker Jonathan skilfully gave us an insight to the book of Philippians and how the lessons learnt can be used in our own church.

Thanks to Ruth, Sheila, Harold and Lauren for the blessings received during both prayer meetings and for the entertainment on Saturday night.

Thanks to those who looked after the children enabling us to hear what God had to say to us during the teaching sessions.

Thanks to our worship group who chose the songs which touched every person there bringing us skilfully into God's presence enabling the Holy Spirit to touch our lives.

And finally thanks to Lisa who organises our weekend and works really hard so we can come together as a church to unite us and strengthen the bonds which tie us all together. Not to mention thank you to our amazing GOD.

Can't wait for next year 17th November 2017.