Tiddlers (Mums and Tots)

Tiddlers (Mums and Tots)The ‘Tiddlers’ meet on a Thursday afternoon and it is a very popular group within the local community. The group caters for the pre-school children and their carers and at the last count there were 14 children regularly attending.

We begin with singing nursery rhymes and songs, after which a story is read to them and then a craft activity is done representing what the story was about. Then it’s time for a drink and biscuits and playtime. There are lots of toys to play with, something for every age group and whilst they are playing the Mums can have a chat with each other.

Please come along and join us, we are a very friendly group. The times are 1.15 pm to 2.30 pm and is run by Mrs Glenys Grace (01744 833848) and Mrs Agnes Jackson (01744 636531). Just ring if you need to know anymore information, or just come along on the day.
We look forward to seeing you.